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be prepared for a magically haunting experience


Welcome to the Ft. Myers Beach Haunted Pub Crawl


but the tour is back with some new stories and locations.)

Ft. Myers Beach, FL has some of the best pubs, bars and taverns in SW Florida and some of the most haunted places in the U.S.   This is a unique history tour with stories of the mysterious happenings at some of the best watering holes on this historic beach.   If the spooky historical yarns weren't enough, magic happens at each bar by our own magician tour guides. A portion of all ticket sales goes to the Estero Island Historic Society. 

A few things to know:  

1. This is a "PUB CRAWL", meaning you may be walking about a half a mile on our beautiful island.

2. You will need to sign a waiver before touring our haunted locations.

3.  You must be over 21 with a valid ID to go on the tour.

4. Only service animals are permitted on the tour, and the bars have the final say on all issues.

5.  We ask that you NOT BE INTOXICATED before the tour starts, the spirits will find you when it starts.

6. The duration of the tours vary, but we have been doing between 3 to 4 hours for each tour.

7. The use of illegal drugs (yes, even pot) is not permitted during the tour.

8. Please do not bring outside liquor to the bars.  Drinking outside drinks at a restaurant or bar can not only result in you getting asked to dump them, but the entire tour will be asked to leave.

Haunted Pubs with a magical twist

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The Pub​s

We've chosen the best locations for paranormal activities.  Some have been reported, while others are hearsay and stories that have been handed down over the years.  You will find that the spirits in these haunted locations are not just the ones in bottles.  

** The locations have changed due to the hurricane.  ALL OF THE PUBS that were on the original tour were damaged or completely destroyed.  There are new locations, but many of the original stories have remained as the ghostly figures still linger on the grounds.

The Ghosts​

The tour of the pubs and restaurants of Ft. Myers Beach is sure to stir up visions of ghosts, poltergeists and specters.  The experience brings chills, thrills and nervous laughter to our "pub crawlers". Try to make sure that YOUR shadow is the only one you take home with you.

The Magic

Our tour guide is an experienced magician and mentalist.  He is very sensitive to the messages from the other side.  At several locations you will be mystified by his feats of paranormal magic.  Some have said that he isn't just  doing "tricks", but with the help of the spirits, he is able to read minds, make predictions and move things telekinetically. 

"This is our time to share some of the great stories of our historical beach and the paranormal activities of the "local haunts", but in a magical way.  My goal is to entertain and mystify all who crawl with us."

Mike Yost

Magical Tour Guide

"I've talked to those that have past while living and working at the beach pubs.   They are very welcoming and willing to communicate with the living.  The magic is a great touch to tell the stories, but with these souls, no embellishment is needed"

Jean Gibbens

Medium and Psychic Consultant

"We've tried to put together a fun and entertaining bar hopping experience while learning a little something about our awesome beach's history. Be ready to be entertained and educated as you "crawl" with our magic haunted tour guides"

Hugh Canduit

Tour Planner