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​Cancelled until further notice.

haunted scavenger hunt

coming Dec. 2022

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Rules of haunted scavenger hunt:

To win great prizes you will need to accumulate points by taking photos with your mobile device.  Specific photos are required to get the points.  Clues are given in each video.  One can also accumulate points by taking photos of receipts of purchase from each "pub".  There are 26 possible photos.  Each correct photo will earn you 10 points.  To get prizes, you must score 250 total points.  Photos of food and drinks (with photo of receipts) get you BONUS points.  For every  five dollars spent at one of the qualifying locations, you will get a point.  (ie, a $25 tab gets you 5 bonus points).  Finally you get 5 bonus points for a group picture with the name of the location in the photo.

  So, if you got 24 photos correct, you will have 240 points.  This would leave only 10 points needed for a great prize.  If you spent $25 total at the locations visited, take a picture of those receipts and you will get 5 bonus points(1 pt. per $5), adding the group selfie(5 pts.)  puts you at 250 points.  All "scavenger hunters" that earn 250 points get a great prize.   Prizes are subject to change as they range from souvenir cups and lanyards to restaurant/bar gift cards.    Prizes are awarded to the owner of the cell phone provided when purchasing the password.  Entries can be registered as singles or groups.  Only one prize per registered cell phone.

select number of entries(single or group) and cell phone numbers